A Stronger Start, for a Stronger Finish

By: Justin Chesney

Hey all you POPpers out there, we’re back again with more great, new features and updates to let you know about.  With these changes you’ll have an easier time getting started with new POPs, and you’ll also notice a better experience adding content you want to a POP.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  1. We have a new homepage! It’s never too late for a little Spring cleaning so we decided to do some freshening up of our own. Take a moment and see what some notable users have been saying about us. If you leave us some feedback maybe you’ll be featured next!image
  2. Ever tried to build a POP but found yourself a little lacking in the inspiration department? With our updated Inspiration Panel, you’ll now find better templates that set you up to “Promote, Close, and Deliver.” These templates take the guesswork out of how best to structure your message for the highest impact possible.image
  3. There’s a new video recording system, too. Not only should you expect a better experience recording a video, you can now also upload video files in formats like .mov, .avi. or .mp4. This means you should be able to upload videos that were recorded with your smartphone and saved to your computer.
  4. Our embed system has also been improved. You’ll see the results of these improvements in your published POPs when you use embeds from Linkedin or Twitter. Note that the editor will now use placeholders for certain embeds (like the LinkedIn placeholder below) to allow for a more fluid drag-and-drop experience when building a POP. image

As always, we made these updates with your experience and enjoyment in mind. We encourage you to continue to talk with us about what you like about Populr and what you think could be improved. Leave us a comment here, or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy POPping!

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