Capture Information with Populr

Micro-publishing isn’t just about distributing content; you can also use it to collect feedback. Deliver surveys, capture emails, and receive files in a more professional way. Populr allows you to capture all sorts of feedback from your audience with a personalized one-pager.

Capture Emails. Use Populr as a squeeze page or splash page for the purpose of capturing emails. Refer to this POP for tips on capturing emails using Mailchimp, Googleforms, and Jotform.

Leverage the flexibility of Google Forms. Use it to deliver a survey, plan your events, and collect other types of information (learn more about the edit options). From here all you need to do is copy the embed code and paste into Populr ‘embed’ item. I know, pretty darn easy :).

Receiving files in a web page has never been easier. Allow your audience to upload directly to your Dropbox. Way more professional than receiving files in an email.  Learn more in this POP.


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