Free Unlimited POPs

By: Justin Chesney

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you read that title correctly. If the best things in life are free, imagine how great unlimited free things are! In addition to improving our free plan and the sign-up process, we’ve also added new functionality when sending POPs via email.

Here are the full details about what’s new…

Updated sign-up process

All new users now start with a 14 day free Pro trial so they can experience all the great features that make Populr, well… popular. This means access to POP tracers, private POP sharing, open notifications, and more.

Updated plans

Free plan users may now publish unlimited pops and add up to three custom domains to their Populr accounts. POPs published by Free users will have a small Populr logo in the bottom right corner, while POPs by paid plan users will be published without Populr’s logo.

There’s no Basic plan anymore, but let’s be honest, who wants to be “basic” anyways? For all existing Basic plan users, you’re perfectly safe. We’ve grandfathered you in and you’ll have the same features as the free plan, but without the Populr branding on published pops.

Updated sharing

You can now share POPs via email from your own email address. This includes the ability to add multiple email addresses to your Populr account. In order to access this feature you’ll need to confirm your email addresses prior to sending a POP.

That’s all for now, everyone. Keep thinking outside the box for more creative ways to use Populr while you’re on summer vacations.  What easier way to share itinerary details with everyone going on a trip, or to show people what a great time you had? For the record, we don’t condone making co-workers jealous 😉

You stay classy, Nashville.

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