How to Create a Targeted Promotion in Three Minutes

Burger Up Promotion

How long does it really take to create a Pop from scratch?

It’s a question we hear often and one that we hope to thoroughly answer in the next 3 minutes.

Burger Up is a local Nashville restaurant that’s turning four this year. To celebrate, they’ve launched a super secret menu online.

Lets watch as Burger Up creates a website for their secret menu from scratch in less than 3 minutes.


Start by going to to choose a template. All the templates are filled in with example content like the one we started with for a made up company called Green Co. We chose the Promotion template in the marketing stack here. 

Step 1: Duplicate a preferred template. (:01) In this case, Burget Up chose the “Green Co” website layout.

Step 2: Edit heading with one click. (:10)

“We foster thoughtful consuming through community.”

Step 3: Replace logo via “Logo” tab above. (:20)

Step 4: Replace Banner image. (:25)

Step 5: Add relevant icon. (:36)

Step 6: Replace Banner Heading Text. (:41)

“Anniversary Menu…”

Step 7: Customize sections of template around your content. (1:05) Deleting several sections.

Step 8: Add picture to contact page & resize. (1:19)

Step 9: Edit contact info. (1:36)

Step 10: Create hyperlink. (2:06)

Step 11: Change Background. (2:32)

Step 12: Change theme color. (2:38)

Check out the finished POP Here: Burger Up Anniversary Menu

3 minutes to a fully functional and beautiful website! Now all thats left for Burger Up to do is share it, email it, or update it at any time.

Visit to create your own POP now. Besides, who doesn’t have 3 minutes to launch a promotion?

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