The Marketer’s Guide to Collaborating with Developers

(In Part 1 of this series, we addressed the marketer’s needs vs. the designer’s needs. Part 3 will explore the marketer’s needs as compared to salespeople.)

Creating a successful sales product requires a team that’s outstanding at understanding.

Successful collaboration creates products that convert. Without that collaboration, your team members will make each other miserable while progress hobbles to a frustrating halt.

When it comes to the marketer’s needs and the developer’s needs, each teammate has a unique focus. And both of these individuals are crucial for moving your project forward.

What Marketers Need from Developers

Your marketer’s main focus is converting prospects into paying customers.

Marketers gain customers by focusing on developing successful strategies and tools. And (unfortunately for developers) they usually don’t understand the technicalities of backend coding.

Marketers want:

  • Marketing media that helps close sales faster. The marketing process can be time-consuming. It takes several approaches to convert prospects to buyers, and each one must be effective.
  • Advertising materials they can easily modify. Marketers want to make changes on their own as needs arise. And they want to do it without a hassle.
  • Visuals that keep pace with today. Marketers are often forced to work with ad media that is technically outdated or no longer matches the company’s current brand. Visuals that are current and relevant make their presentations easier and more productive.
  • Ad materials that don’t require advanced design skills. Ideally, marketers would love to use  pre-designed templates to create ad packages. They want seamless adaptation to new content. And they don’t want to have to wait to consult with a designer.
  • Materials that allow for experimentation. Marketers must gauge effectiveness using different ad formats, a/b testing metrics, and methods for reaching prospects. They need media they can modify and test in different presentation formats.

Basically, your marketers just want ad materials that work! Meanwhile, the developer is challenged with bringing the marketer’s requests into reality as a functional, responsive product.  

What Developers Need from Marketers

Developers handle the backend coding – the computer programming that makes your project work. To make sure it functions properly, developers need:

  • A clear understanding of the marketer’s vision for the final product.
  • A checklist of product features and user interface needs.
  • A visual design guide for each page layout. (The guide should include links, size, and placement specs.)
  • Content data and graphics files for each site page.
  • To implement any special functionality requested. For example: data capture forms, ecommerce and payment processing, and embedded social media.

Developers must also ensure their code is compliant and responsive. It should meet standards and display correctly in popular browsers.

Developers are not always designers, and rarely are they marketers. Their task is technical and they require specific instructions. Developers can’t write code without a clear picture of the marketer’s vision for the product.

The conflict arises for developers when marketers struggle to clarify what they want.

Bringing Marketers and Developers Together

Marketers and developers come together around the shared goal of achieving conversions. They both want prospects to buy and happily keep coming back for more.

Populr allows you to create and share one-pagers that help you convert prospects to buyers.

With Populr, your marketers can be more productive. They can rewrite content and make quick design changes to your ad media. Populr’s professional themes provide a beautiful selection of responsive layouts. It also simplifies marketing tools like a/b testing, saving additional design and developer expense.

Luckily for developers, there’s also no need for marketers to struggle to articulate what they want. Populr’s available page templates offer the most effective advertising formats, and allow marketers to easily share their vision for the final product.

Your marketers will find Populr excellent for building a branded and successful prospecting strategy. And your developers will thank you.

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