The Marketer’s Guide to Collaborating With Creatives

Marketers and creatives are different.

Although they are both capable of yielding a fantastic product, the way they approach the process is extremely different.

Marketers are motivated to test and tweak a product, knowing that it often evolves into something completely different in the end.

Creatives (such as designers) begin with a specific set of instructions, and they follow them. Their final product is a direct result of their initial outline.

Both of these team members are an important part of a business’s success, but the differences in their style of work can cause friction in the workplace. Take a look at some of the common issues marketers and creatives run in to:

1.  Making Changes to the Product

Once a marketer has the “finished” web page in hand, they begin their own testing process. This includes many small changes until the content is how they want it. Because the marketer doesn’t take the web page as-is, the designer (who simply followed instructions) assumes what they made isn’t good enough.

This isn’t the case – the marketers are just following their own process. But a designer takes that response personally. And from the designer’s perspective, the marketer should’ve taken the time initially to think through what they wanted.

2. Being Unprepared

One of the biggest points of friction with designers is the content. If the content isn’t ready, the designer can’t work.

As a result, the designer must use place-holders and try to guess how much space is needed. And 9 times out of 10, when the content finally is ready and put into the design after-the-fact, it doesn’t flow well.

3. Lack of Detail

Designers prefer to use a detailed initial outline, follow it precisely, and create a great product.

One process, one time.

To do this, designers need as much detail as possible about the content upfront. But marketers don’t always know specifically what they want prior to starting a project. Their focus is on testing, analyzing feedback and potential future changes.

Populr—A Marketer’s Dream

Populr can help marketers resolve these problems, and many more.

Marketers no longer have to wait for the designer to build a page. They can start working on content right away – putting together campaigns, landing pages, or entire sections of a website. Marketers also have time to get the content together, using a tool that helps them visualize the final product.

The process is rewarding for designers, too. Populr’s customizable templates help marketers envision a final product and deliver more precise information to the designers. When the marketer creates a detailed POP, it gives the designer all the information they need to build a page – without having to make so many changes after the fact.

Using Populr’s design solutions, marketers have access to effective tools to get a project done. They don’t have to wait on other departments with the ability to easily embed functional items like forms, videos and ecommerce products. And with the ability to test and tweak in the pre-design phase—before passing them onto designers—a marketer can build a working relationship that lasts.


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