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8 Tips For One on One iPad Presentations

When you think of how to deliver a great presentation, you usually think of delivering it through a projector. But what about one-on-one sales meetings? Obviously projectors are out of the picture for anything less than a room of people.

Most salespeople stick with what they’ve always done: paper slides, sketches or just talking the prospect through a presentation without any visual aids.

But presentations have evolved. And the iPad has made personal presentations possible. When used intelligently, this mobile device is a game changer for any presentation or audience.



Here are 8 ways to take advantage of the iPad’s strengths when delivering your next presentation.

1. Show. Tell. Touch.
Touching something has the power to decrease anxiety and increase positive thought patterns. It is also a long forgotten tool in our modern era when attempting to connect someone to an idea.

No longer does our idea have to live on a screen 5-12 feet away from our audience. The iPad enables us to not just show and tell, but to show, tell, and let them touch. Play to the iPad’s strengths by passing it around a board room or, in a personal pitch, letting a prospect hold it while you flip and point.

*Quick tip before starting any presentation on your iPad: Always make sure to disable notifications. You don’t want unexpected pop-ups and alarms going off in the middle of your presentation! (more…)

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3 Reasons Your Sales Emails Aren’t Being Read


According to recent studies, email is still 40 times more effective for sales than Facebook or Twitter.

40 times!

Even in the face of Gmail’s inbox tabs and applications like keeping your mass emails at a distance, email for salespeople isn’t going away anytime soon.

However, the more we (at Populr) work with sales professionals, the more we realize that very few people have mastered the art of using email to turn a prospect into a customer.

So, let’s talk about 3 reasons your sales emails are being ignored.


According to studies, the average recipient will spend no longer than 20 seconds reading your email. This means that you have 20 seconds to either inform and direct them or bore them into becoming just another failed statistic.

Here are a few suggestions to immediately catch their eye and hold their attention:

  • • Captivating subject lines
  • • Readable in 15 seconds or less
  • • Direct calls to action | For more info, read Increase click-thru rates.

Of course, a shorter email often means you can’t say everything you need to say. And, as we are about to find out, attachments aren’t going to help either. (more…)

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How To Become a Better Salesperson

Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a personal reputation in your community, everyone is selling something. Some get paid for it. Some don’t. However, if you want to succeed in the marketplace, theres one thing that is non-negotiable: you must learn to sell better.

Here are nine bonafide ways to become a better salesperson.


1. Don’t be a salesperson. Be a consultant.

Change the way you see yourself. You’re not an employee trying to earn commision. You’re not a salesman trying to get a sale. You’re a consultant – a good one at that – trying to solve client’s problems.

If you can go into your prospect’s business with the mindset that you are going to help them solve their problems instead of sell them something, your focus will be completely different.

You will listen more than you talk.

You will probe to fully understand the prospect and their situation before offering any advice. You will give them objective advice instead of merely focusing on your company’s specific solution. (more…)

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Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Pitching.

Once we’ve employed our TOP 5 TOOLS FOR INTELLIGENT SALES PROSPECTING to get the lead, we don’t have to resort to our antiquated pitch decks and presentations.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


The easiest way to share period. Its also less expensive than GoToMeeting & easier to deal with. If you need to ‘schedule’ a repeating webinar, try mixing it with (more…)

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Send Easy to build Newsletters with Populr

The process of setting up a newsletter can be daunting. Deciding on the right template, formatting the message for the best results in specific email clients, web email, and mobile devices, can be a giant barrier to someone who wants to just email regular content to a set of contacts.

Web pages have so many uses and you know creating one using Populr is so simple — we’ve now made it easy to send an email of your Populr page to a group of people.  Let’s look at how that’s done.

Step 1: Create & Publish a Populr Page

If you’ve been using Populr, you’ve probably already got this step covered, so feel free to skip ahead to Step 2.  Need a refresher? Let’s watch the video below:


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The Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Sales Prospecting.

Prospecting is hard. No one’s going to argue with that.


it doesn’t have to be THAT hard.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


Use Rapportive to connect with everyone you email on LinkedIn. It’s the quickest way to not only build your Linkedin network, but to begin a social relationship with potential clients. (more…)

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Top 5 Tools for Closing a Sale.

There’s only one way to get money in the bank. Once we’ve employed our TOP 5 TOOLS FOR INTELLIGENT PITCHING, it’s time to close.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


Though it takes some upfront effort, TinderBox makes any average salesman a proposal master. Templates, sections, and tracking wizardry. The cadillac of proposal delivery. (more…)

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Sell Your Stuff in an Easy to Setup Online Store

Do you have stuff you’d like to sell or market?  Maybe you’re in a band and you want to promote or sell your music downloads, or your self-screened t-shirts?  Maybe you’re crafting and you want to sell your knitted cosplay-inspired winter cap?  Maybe you’re marketing a new service and you want to give away a PDF-information sheet in exchange for a potential customer’s email address.

Making your stuff available online can be easier-said-than-done.  Let’s change that right now. 

Quick Setup:

If you’re already signed up with, follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Watch this video:


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Free Unlimited POPs

By: Justin Chesney

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you read that title correctly. If the best things in life are free, imagine how great unlimited free things are! In addition to improving our free plan and the sign-up process, we’ve also added new functionality when sending POPs via email.

Here are the full details about what’s new…

Updated sign-up process

All new users now start with a 14 day free Pro trial so they can experience all the great features that make Populr, well… popular. This means access to POP tracers, private POP sharing, open notifications, and more. (more…)

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