Populr Spotlight: The Americana Music Association

By: Justin Chesney

Great ideas deserve recognition, and that’s why we want to spotlight how the Americana Music Association (AMA) is using Populr.

To apply for showcase consideration at this year’s Americana Music Festival & Conference, AMA is requiring artists to build “profile” POPs with Populr, then submit applications via a POP integrated with Topspin and Jotform. We invite you to take a moment to learn how AMA used Populr to streamline their application submission process.

Populr’s custom themes make your brand stand out

AMA decided they wanted a custom-built theme design to communicate and display their unique branding. With a custom theme, AMA simultaneously differentiates themselves from all other Populr customers and maintains consistency with their existing web branding. Thanks to this theme, anyone at AMA with a Populr account can publish branded content in the best way they see fit.

See their full custom theme in use here


Topspin Media processes e-commerce transactions within a POP

Thanks to Populr’s sophisticated control of embedded widgets, AMA easily integrated a Topspin Media shopping cart to process artist payments for showcase submissions. In this case, Topspin serves 2 purposes: processing the payment, and acting as a “gatekeeper” to the next stage of the submission process. After an artist submits a payment, the artist is directed to a second POP where they enter information about themselves—their biography, the URL for their profile POP, etc.


Use Jotform + Google Spreadsheet to collect data from your audience

An embedded Jotform lets AMA collect precisely the information it wants from applicants, and stores that info in a centralized online location. This information can be neatly transferred into Google Spreadsheets for additional review and sorting. Additionally, submissions are forwarded to a designated email account for instant receipt. With a uniform, easily-sorted data set at hand, the process of sifting through thousands of applications becomes significantly less laborious.

Undoubtedly, this year’s Americana Music Festival & Conference will again be a highlight of Nashville’s outdoor music season. Everyone here at Populr is proud to be an integral part of its success!

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