Remote Workforce: Populr helps!

Someone shared this Infographic with us recently and it was amazing how Populr could help with their ‘guidelines for remote training’.

1. Create a Remote-Hire Package: What is more accessible than a webpage? allows non-technical people to create a Personalized One Page (POP) on-boarding page for a new hire. It would include:

– Welcome video from leadership
– Files (PDF/Docs) for employee paperwork
– Bonus: Introduction videos of co-workers

2. Create a Detailed Training Manual: Most companies have training materials… they’re just spread across 1- different intranet pages & require training the employee to access the training. With, hiring managers can tailor a single page to only deliver training that is relevant to that person and for their initial ramp up period. For companies without documentation, Populr is a great place to start building your training docs under a custom domain & perhaps behind a password.

3. Rapid Assessment & Feedback: Being remote can lead to more ‘impersonal’ feedback. Ideally, we recommend you give feedback via Video Chat – but if that’s not available, allows managers to give more personal feedback (video, related content, etc) to augment the assessment feedback. Moreover, Populr makes it easy for internal employees to view the feedback on the new hire by simply sharing a link to the POP.

Check out the infographic below…

Shifting to remote work forces InfoGraphic

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