Sell Your Stuff in an Easy to Setup Online Store

Do you have stuff you’d like to sell or market?  Maybe you’re in a band and you want to promote or sell your music downloads, or your self-screened t-shirts?  Maybe you’re crafting and you want to sell your knitted cosplay-inspired winter cap?  Maybe you’re marketing a new service and you want to give away a PDF-information sheet in exchange for a potential customer’s email address.

Making your stuff available online can be easier-said-than-done.  Let’s change that right now. 

Quick Setup:

If you’re already signed up with, follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Watch this video:

Step 2: Use this template (click here) to launch the Buy Now Page template we created for this example.  Follow the instructions from the video about embedding your store from Square Market or Gumroad.

Step 3: There is no Step 3!

If you’d like the detailed step by step instructions, click the “read more” link below and we’ll walk you through every step of the way to setting up your own branded store page.

Step 1: Create a Page:

We need a place to set up a store online. makes it really easy for anyone — bands, crafters, makers, authors, marketers, etc — to setup a page on the Internet.  Setting one up is free. Click here to create your account.

Create a username and password (and check your email inbox for a confirmation email to confirm your new account).

After creating an account, you’ll be asked to select the kind of page you want to create. This is up to you, you can the theme & design based on the purpose of the page, or you can pick by the way it looks.  For our purposes, we’ll use a blank page, which you can select by clicking the button in the right corner.

After picking the theme, you’ll jump right into the page editor. The page is made up of different size boxes of content that you can add or delete. The content can be text, images, video, a repository of downloadable files, or a box to embed some code.  For the moment, we’re going to put some text generally describing the items we want to sell.

Next, let’s go setup a store…

Step 2: Create an Online Store & Embed It:

There are a number of services that we can use to create a store on our page, including Gumroad, Celery, JotForm, Topspin Media, or Square Market — among other services. In this how-to, we’re going to show-off two of these services and how you can embed them into a page: Square Market and Gumroad.  Both services cost nothing to set up a store (each charges a low percent of each purchase) — so there’s little barrier to entry to give each a try.

Here we go…

Square Market

Square is the easy mobile payment system, and recently they opened up an online Square Market where anyone can set up a shop of physical goods.  The process of signing up a Square Market is straightforward — you just need to sign up and tell Square what kind(s) of store(s) you want to set up.  Once you’ve done that, you can begin to add items to your Square Market store and assign them prices. Once you’ve got your stuff in Square Market, the process of embedding your sale item in a page is simple. Let’s take a look:

Go to your Square Market store page and select the item you’d like to embed into your pop page.  Click on the item and under the item’s description you’ll see a number of sharing options.

The last one “<>” provides the code to embed — click on it, select all the code, and then copy the embed code.

Back on your Pop page, click a “+” button to create a new content box. This time, select the last option, “</>” to embed code.

In the Embed window, paste in the code you copied from the Square Market page where it says “Paste Embed URL” and click the “Add” button.image


The box will appear with a grey empty generic “<SCRIPT>” box — no worries, that’s how it’s supposed to look until you publish your page. Now make a title and description for what people are buying.

You’re done. Just click the “Publish Changes” button to make your Pop page live or click the dropdown and select Preview to see your new page and embedded store.


Gumroad is great because it’s simple. It’s a  service to help you offer and sell digital or physical goods, and makes it really easy to share your offerings on the web.  Go here to setup an account on Gumroad.

After creating an account, let’s go ahead and create our first item by clicking “Add Item.” Pick “Product,” add a name and price of the item, and upload a few images to show it off. Then click “Add.”


After clicking add, you’ll have a few more options — to describe the item, add a “cover” image, set how many are available, restrict regions where buyers can purchase from, create discount codes, and allow for different versions (sizes, colors) of the item to be sold. After each change, make sure to click the save button at the bottom. Once you’re done filling out the options, click save and Publish the item.

Once you’ve clicked publish (click “preview” to see what the offer pop-up will look like and to change some of the other options such as color, background, and requiring shipping address information for physical sales) you’ll have the option to share the item from the “timeline” tab.  This is where we’re going to make the magic happen and embed the item back in your Pop page.

Back on your Pop page, click a “+” button to add a new box. In this case, the new kind of box we’re going to create is an image box.

Add an image that describes the item you created in Gumroad — use the same cover image to keep it consistent.  After you’ve uploaded your image, hover over it with your mouse and you’ll see an option to add a link to the image. Click the link button, we’re going to paste a link into it from Gumroad…

back in Gumroad on your timeline tab, click under “Share to sell,” copy the first link…

…then switch back to your page and paste it in to the image link and click “Save.”


After you’ve added the image, add a title for this item and a description.

There’s an additional piece of code that lets Gumroad pop-up right in your Pop page. To add that code to your Pop, at the top of your Pop, click the “Options” button and at the bottom under Advanced Options, click “ADD Custom JS and CSS.” gives you an editor window, skip to line 2, then …

go back to your Gumroad timeline tab, and under the “Share to sell” section, you’ll see a section with a batch of code with the description “Or make this an overlay on your site:”. Click the embed code and copy it.  Now switch back over to your page

Back in the JS & CSS editor you left open, paste in the code from Gumroad.  The only code you want looks like:

<a href=””>Seiko Arctura Watch</a> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

and you can remove the code that appears before that, starting with “<a href=…” and ending with “</a>”. Basically everything before “<script>”. After you’ve added the code, click the “I’m done” button.

You’re done. Just click the “Publish Changes” button to make your Pop page live or click the dropdown and select Preview to see your new page and embedded store.

Step 3: There is no step 3!

Here we’ve shown just two examples of stores you can embed in a customized landing page of your own. What do you plan to sell in your store? Drop us a line — we want to know what you’re using for and how we can make it even more useful.


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