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The process of setting up a newsletter can be daunting. Deciding on the right template, formatting the message for the best results in specific email clients, web email, and mobile devices, can be a giant barrier to someone who wants to just email regular content to a set of contacts.

Web pages have so many uses and you know creating one using Populr is so simple — we’ve now made it easy to send an email of your Populr page to a group of people.  Let’s look at how that’s done.

Step 1: Create & Publish a Populr Page

If you’ve been using Populr, you’ve probably already got this step covered, so feel free to skip ahead to Step 2.  Need a refresher? Let’s watch the video below:

Step 2: Share Your Populr Page via Email

Now that you’ve created and published your page, you’ll be presented with a row of icons for sharing the page. Right now we’re going to focus on email.  Click on the email icon. You’ll see a popup to create an email message.


Add a subject for the email. Then drop down to the body of the email and you can create a brief message before and after the “take action” area. The take action is the clickable area where Populr places either a “click here” button or an image of your Populr page (you can add the image by flipping the “include image” option above the body of the email.

After you’ve created the message, you’ll want to add the email recipients in the “to” field. If it’s just a few, you can paste them in from your favorite email client. If it’s larger list, you’ll want to import them first.

For a quick tutorial on how to add a large list of recipients, click here.

NOTE: Before you send, you really should test sending to make sure the email looks the way you expect in your browser, email client, and mobile device. You can test by sending one-off emails to yourself. If you’d like another set of eyes, feel free to send us your test email by copying and pasting this email address — — into your email. We’re always happy to give you some tips and advice.

After you’ve imported and selected the contacts you want to receive the message, click the “send email” button.  Huzzah! You’ve just emailed your page!  But don’t stop there, let’s take a look at the results.

Step 3: Read your Analytics

Each email message you send is individually tracked. This is helpful to know what content is most interesting to your readers, when they’re most likely to read it, and how long they looked at it. Besides tracking your page analytics when you send it via email, you can also use “tracers” to measure analytics when you send links to individuals via IM, direct email, and social media (click here and here to learn how to do that).

After you’ve sent your message, give folks a little time to receive and open the email.  After some time, click on the “Page Analytics” button.

The analytics page will show you two columns of information — Views and Clicks. Under the Views column, you’ll see how many people viewed the page (clicked through from the email you sent them) and a list of email contacts that you sent the page to. In the Clicks column, you’ll see how many links were clicked on and the most popular links sorted by number of clicks.  If you hover over the contacts on the left, you’ll see whether or not that person viewed the page and the individual links that that contact has click on, and how many times they clicked on each.


That’s it. Have you created some great pages on Populr that you’ve spun into a newsletter? We’d love to see them! Tweet us a copy of your page’s tracer link:


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