Show your creative side with Populr

At Populr, one of our goals is to make your content look good. We put a lot of work into our themes to make sure they have the flair and the flexibility to handle lots of different types of messages.

However, we can only claim so much credit for the beautiful one-pagers that have been created with Populr so far. Our users are surprising us every day with the clever ways they’re using micro-publishing to share their messages.

Check out some of the awesome pages put together by our alpha partners over at You’ll find POPs for entrepreneurs, salespeople, musicians, professors, and plenty of other people who used Populr to communicate in style. It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing—in fact, we expect you’ll find a new way to use Populr that you hadn’t thought of before. Take a look!

While you’re looking those over, we’ll be building more themes, adding live collaboration tools, and brainstorming designs for a new features we’re referring to as “Project Magic.” Stay tuned…

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