11 Free Templates To Make Your Work Faster and Easier

What are we really talking about when we talk about templates?

Processes? Leverage?

When we talk about templates, we’re really talking about ways we can make our business more efficient so we can scale and grow. We’re talking about spending less time on the repetitive tasks to enable us to focus on what matters.

Creating the right templates in your business will help your team to be more efficient and reduce the number of mistakes made throughout your entire organization.

Here’s three quick reasons templates accomplish that:

Keep priorities.

When working with a template, you can spend your creative energy and critical thinking on what needs to be done next, rather than the arbitrary craft of design and layout.

Scale quickly.

Once a template is created or copied, you and your team can repurpose it quickly to reach various audiences.

Increase professionalism.

Just as letterhead brands a company via snail mail, so does a shared template via the web. Sharing a template with your team will keep your brand consistency throughout the organization. Nothing will shred your credibility faster than inconsistent branding.

That’s why at Populr, our quest to put the power of the web in non-technical business people’s hands is so important.

Here are 11 templates that will help streamline your work. Look through each of the web-based templates below to see which one’s you need. Then, just click the image to start editing one of our free Populr templates and create your own!

1. Proposals

Proposals tend to get complicated quickly. They need to be updated constantly and you can have multiple variations for each of your services. That’s why it’s so important to have one central place for the different types of proposals your company uses to allow your salespeople to create variations of those templates while keeping brand consistency.


Populr proposal


2. Internal Updates

Internal updates are critical for keeping your team in the know. If you already use a project management tool, internal updates are helpful for creating a quick big picture view while your project management software deals with the weeds.

Populr internal updates

3. Profile pages

A profile page template  is a great way to position yourself if you work in multiple industries. You can create several variations of one template for each industry you work in, giving client specific examples and information in their niche. This is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Populr profile page

4. Case Studies

Case study templates are simple outlines that anyone creating a case study knows what information they need to gather from a project. Don’t forget how your prospects read case studies. They never just read one, they are usually read several case studies at a time. Ensuring you have consistent information across each case study can be the difference between getting the contract and looking like an amateur.

Populr case studies

5. Press Kits

The Press Kit Template is especially important for brand consistency. This is a template that can be used over and over again for specific PR campaigns as well as generic press kits that only get updated occasionally. Be prepared to create these on the fly for PR opportunities that come up unexpectedly.

Populr press kit

6. Email Newsletters 

Newsletters are something we are all familiar with and hopefully have a template for. What we love about Populr is that you can send a POP as a newsletter which makes it extremely simple to update segment of your email list and at the same time, update your social networks with the content.

Populr newsletter


7. Thank you pages

It’s sad but a genuine thank you is a rarity in a lot of businesses these days. It doesn’t take much to  to express a small amount of gratitude with a customizable page and even something like a Starbucks gift card attached to it. How would you react if someone emailed you this? Use a Thank You Page Template as a follow up to prospect meetings and recognizing your best clients.

Populr thankyou

8. Job Descriptions

This is another template that can quickly get complicated if you don’t have a system to organize your different job descriptions. Your job descriptions can be the first impression to new hires you’re trying to recruit.  They should be organized in a place that makes it easy to customize, update and send them.

Populr job description

9. Events

If your customers don’t know about the events you are putting on, you probably have a bottleneck in your event promotion process. One commonality we’ve seen is that most of the event pages can only be created by graphic designers. That’s why we recommend taking that off their plate using something simple like Populr to create event pages so anyone in your company can do it.


Populr marketing event

10. Promotions

Promotional templates can vary across department and activity but one thing is critical. They need to be easily accessible anytime and anywhere for your company and your prospects. Creating templates for your promotions can give clarity to your marketing messages and reduce on necessary back-and-forth approval time.

Populr promotions

11. Onboarding & Next steps

What happens after your client signs a contract?  You may know but they probably don’t. Having a easy step-by-step template you can send them so they know what to expect can turn a new client into a lifelong customer in advocate for your business.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.47.52 PM


Don’t reinvent the wheel the next time you create a proposal. Spend your time and your colleagues time communicating more effectively and quickly with this set of free templates.



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How Many Paying Users Do You Have?

Here’s a simple question: How many paying customers do you have? As a startup with a freemium business model, understanding this most basic of questions is vital to understanding the health of our business (or rather, since we’re a startup, the health of our business potential). But it’s a question that we struggled to answer for a long time.

It’s not that the question itself is hard. But until we joined Batch 007 of 500 Startups, defining the problem took a back seat to building the product. Does a user count as paying upon entering a credit card, or only after being charged? What about a user who signs up as part of a team account? We’re being paid for that user, but that user didn’t make the decision that Populr was worth paying for. The boss just said sign-up. Does that designate a conversion or not?

As part of 500 Startups, we started being asked growth and acquisition questions much more frequently. We were asked by our advisors, mentors, and potential investors. We needed to chart growth, a task requiring measurable data week over week. But we were simultaneously wrestling with existential questions of identity and building out the product (it wasn’t until late-December that we finally supported IE & Firefox in the editor). And every time we needed to provide an answer, we were daunted by the same questions.

After far too much time attempting to extract answers from our disparate sources of data, we bit the bullet and made a decision. Here it is:

  • A user is converted when we first receive payment from that user.
  • A user churns when a converted user chooses to downgrade, deletes his account, or has a repeated card failure that causes an automatic account downgrade.

Now that we’ve made the decision, it seems obvious. It completely sidesteps all the concerns about free trials and coupons and team users that muddied the water before. And most importantly, it ties directly back to the number that most closely represents our prospects as a company: revenue.

On a related note, if you are struggling with answering questions about churn, LTV, and ARPU, and you use Stripe, then check out Baremetrics. They provide a fantastic dashboard with insight into all manner of financial related questions. If you use Mixpanel, check out our page on Tips for a Successful Mixpanel Integration.

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Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Pitching.

Once we’ve employed our TOP 5 TOOLS FOR INTELLIGENT SALES PROSPECTING to get the lead, we don’t have to resort to our antiquated pitch decks and presentations.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


The easiest way to share period. Its also less expensive than GoToMeeting & easier to deal with. If you need to ‘schedule’ a repeating webinar, try mixing it with Eventbrite.com. (more…)

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