How To Take Control of Your Resume Online

Before Google & social networks, the only thing that kept you up the night before your big interview was what your list of references would say about you.

Today there’s an entire internet with links to your info to worry about. It’s not just your list of references anymore, it’s the endless trail you leave behind online. Anyone interested in getting hired is forced to ask themselves that critical question:

“What happens when a potential employer Googles my name?”

Typically, the search results yield a smorgasbord of crumbs related to your life… social media, profiles on sites you’ve created, and maybe the 3rd party reference. As a result, the employer has to ‘piece together’ their first impressions and the result may not be your best foot forward.

But what if I told you that in 6 steps (or 5-10 minutes) you could take control of your online reputation and establish the first thing your potential employer sees? Something that makes you look professional, sophisticated, and most important… desirable!

1. Use one of our personal branding website templates:

2. Upload your Professional Headshot.

3. Add links to other professional websites you are on.

4. Include key accomplishments, testimonials, and/or references

5. Attach the PDF or DOC format of your resume to your page (satisfy the old schoolers!)

6. Finish with your contact info

You don’t need to stop there. Here are a few other ideas of things you can add to your resume or personal profile.

  • Embed videos and MP3s
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Different versions of your bio
  • Meeting availability
  • Links to work you’ve done

Here are a few examples of ways Populr users have taken the future of their personal brands and employment into their own hands:

Keeley is a musician and used her POP as an EPK. She embedded samples of her music from Soundcloud and videos from Youtube. She also included Press highlights and tour dates.

Travis is a speaker and sends his page to clients before speaking so they have his headshot, bio and all the other info they need.

Emily is a marketer and used her Pop to show previous experience and visuals of awards.

Mike is a web app developer and created a section at the bottom of his page to quickly and easily showcase his work.

William is a programmer and made his resume available as an attachment as well as linked to all his work throughout the resume. Recently, his Populr resume got him hired. Read the story of how it happened HERE.

What about you?

Take control of what Google is saying about you and create a personal profile in just a few minutes. Here are some templates we’ve created for you to make your personal profile as easy as clicking “duplicate.”

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