How To Take Control of Your Resume Online

Before Google & social networks, the only thing that kept you up the night before your big interview was what your list of references would say about you.

Today there’s an entire internet with links to your info to worry about. It’s not just your list of references anymore, it’s the endless trail you leave behind online. Anyone interested in getting hired is forced to ask themselves that critical question:

“What happens when a potential employer Googles my name?”

Typically, the search results yield a smorgasbord of crumbs related to your life… social media, profiles on sites you’ve created, and maybe the 3rd party reference. As a result, the employer has to ‘piece together’ their first impressions and the result may not be your best foot forward.

But what if I told you that in 6 steps (or 5-10 minutes) you could take control of your online reputation and establish the first thing your potential employer sees? Something that makes you look professional, sophisticated, and most important… desirable!

1. Use one of our personal branding website templates:

2. Upload your Professional Headshot.

3. Add links to other professional websites you are on.

4. Include key accomplishments, testimonials, and/or references

5. Attach the PDF or DOC format of your resume to your page (satisfy the old schoolers!)

6. Finish with your contact info

You don’t need to stop there. Here are a few other ideas of things you can add to your resume or personal profile.

  • Embed videos and MP3s
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Different versions of your bio
  • Meeting availability
  • Links to work you’ve done

Here are a few examples of ways Populr users have taken the future of their personal brands and employment into their own hands:

Keeley is a musician and used her POP as an EPK. She embedded samples of her music from Soundcloud and videos from Youtube. She also included Press highlights and tour dates.

Travis is a speaker and sends his page to clients before speaking so they have his headshot, bio and all the other info they need.

Emily is a marketer and used her Pop to show previous experience and visuals of awards.

Mike is a web app developer and created a section at the bottom of his page to quickly and easily showcase his work.

William is a programmer and made his resume available as an attachment as well as linked to all his work throughout the resume. Recently, his Populr resume got him hired. Read the story of how it happened HERE.

What about you?

Take control of what Google is saying about you and create a personal profile in just a few minutes. Here are some templates we’ve created for you to make your personal profile as easy as clicking “duplicate.”

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11 Free Templates To Make Your Work Faster and Easier

What are we really talking about when we talk about templates?

Processes? Leverage?

When we talk about templates, we’re really talking about ways we can make our business more efficient so we can scale and grow. We’re talking about spending less time on the repetitive tasks to enable us to focus on what matters.

Creating the right templates in your business will help your team to be more efficient and reduce the number of mistakes made throughout your entire organization.

Here’s three quick reasons templates accomplish that:

Keep priorities.

When working with a template, you can spend your creative energy and critical thinking on what needs to be done next, rather than the arbitrary craft of design and layout.

Scale quickly.

Once a template is created or copied, you and your team can repurpose it quickly to reach various audiences.

Increase professionalism.

Just as letterhead brands a company via snail mail, so does a shared template via the web. Sharing a template with your team will keep your brand consistency throughout the organization. Nothing will shred your credibility faster than inconsistent branding.

That’s why at Populr, our quest to put the power of the web in non-technical business people’s hands is so important.

Here are 11 templates that will help streamline your work. Look through each of the web-based templates below to see which one’s you need. Then, just click the image to start editing one of our free Populr templates and create your own!

1. Proposals

Proposals tend to get complicated quickly. They need to be updated constantly and you can have multiple variations for each of your services. That’s why it’s so important to have one central place for the different types of proposals your company uses to allow your salespeople to create variations of those templates while keeping brand consistency.


Populr proposal


2. Internal Updates

Internal updates are critical for keeping your team in the know. If you already use a project management tool, internal updates are helpful for creating a quick big picture view while your project management software deals with the weeds.

Populr internal updates

3. Profile pages

A profile page template  is a great way to position yourself if you work in multiple industries. You can create several variations of one template for each industry you work in, giving client specific examples and information in their niche. This is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Populr profile page

4. Case Studies

Case study templates are simple outlines that anyone creating a case study knows what information they need to gather from a project. Don’t forget how your prospects read case studies. They never just read one, they are usually read several case studies at a time. Ensuring you have consistent information across each case study can be the difference between getting the contract and looking like an amateur.

Populr case studies

5. Press Kits

The Press Kit Template is especially important for brand consistency. This is a template that can be used over and over again for specific PR campaigns as well as generic press kits that only get updated occasionally. Be prepared to create these on the fly for PR opportunities that come up unexpectedly.

Populr press kit

6. Email Newsletters 

Newsletters are something we are all familiar with and hopefully have a template for. What we love about Populr is that you can send a POP as a newsletter which makes it extremely simple to update segment of your email list and at the same time, update your social networks with the content.

Populr newsletter


7. Thank you pages

It’s sad but a genuine thank you is a rarity in a lot of businesses these days. It doesn’t take much to  to express a small amount of gratitude with a customizable page and even something like a Starbucks gift card attached to it. How would you react if someone emailed you this? Use a Thank You Page Template as a follow up to prospect meetings and recognizing your best clients.

Populr thankyou

8. Job Descriptions

This is another template that can quickly get complicated if you don’t have a system to organize your different job descriptions. Your job descriptions can be the first impression to new hires you’re trying to recruit.  They should be organized in a place that makes it easy to customize, update and send them.

Populr job description

9. Events

If your customers don’t know about the events you are putting on, you probably have a bottleneck in your event promotion process. One commonality we’ve seen is that most of the event pages can only be created by graphic designers. That’s why we recommend taking that off their plate using something simple like Populr to create event pages so anyone in your company can do it.


Populr marketing event

10. Promotions

Promotional templates can vary across department and activity but one thing is critical. They need to be easily accessible anytime and anywhere for your company and your prospects. Creating templates for your promotions can give clarity to your marketing messages and reduce on necessary back-and-forth approval time.

Populr promotions

11. Onboarding & Next steps

What happens after your client signs a contract?  You may know but they probably don’t. Having a easy step-by-step template you can send them so they know what to expect can turn a new client into a lifelong customer in advocate for your business.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.47.52 PM


Don’t reinvent the wheel the next time you create a proposal. Spend your time and your colleagues time communicating more effectively and quickly with this set of free templates.



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How to Create a Targeted Promotion in Three Minutes

Burger Up Promotion

How long does it really take to create a Pop from scratch?

It’s a question we hear often and one that we hope to thoroughly answer in the next 3 minutes.

Burger Up is a local Nashville restaurant that’s turning four this year. To celebrate, they’ve launched a super secret menu online.

Lets watch as Burger Up creates a website for their secret menu from scratch in less than 3 minutes.



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Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Pitching.

Once we’ve employed our TOP 5 TOOLS FOR INTELLIGENT SALES PROSPECTING to get the lead, we don’t have to resort to our antiquated pitch decks and presentations.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


The easiest way to share period. Its also less expensive than GoToMeeting & easier to deal with. If you need to ‘schedule’ a repeating webinar, try mixing it with (more…)

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Send Easy to build Newsletters with Populr

The process of setting up a newsletter can be daunting. Deciding on the right template, formatting the message for the best results in specific email clients, web email, and mobile devices, can be a giant barrier to someone who wants to just email regular content to a set of contacts.

Web pages have so many uses and you know creating one using Populr is so simple — we’ve now made it easy to send an email of your Populr page to a group of people.  Let’s look at how that’s done.

Step 1: Create & Publish a Populr Page

If you’ve been using Populr, you’ve probably already got this step covered, so feel free to skip ahead to Step 2.  Need a refresher? Let’s watch the video below:


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Populr Spotlight: The Americana Music Association

By: Justin Chesney

Great ideas deserve recognition, and that’s why we want to spotlight how the Americana Music Association (AMA) is using Populr.

To apply for showcase consideration at this year’s Americana Music Festival & Conference, AMA is requiring artists to build “profile” POPs with Populr, then submit applications via a POP integrated with Topspin and Jotform. We invite you to take a moment to learn how AMA used Populr to streamline their application submission process.


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Show your creative side with Populr

At Populr, one of our goals is to make your content look good. We put a lot of work into our themes to make sure they have the flair and the flexibility to handle lots of different types of messages.

However, we can only claim so much credit for the beautiful one-pagers that have been created with Populr so far. Our users are surprising us every day with the clever ways they’re using micro-publishing to share their messages.

Check out some of the awesome pages put together by our alpha partners over at You’ll find POPs for entrepreneurs, salespeople, musicians, professors, and plenty of other people who used Populr to communicate in style. It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing—in fact, we expect you’ll find a new way to use Populr that you hadn’t thought of before. Take a look!

While you’re looking those over, we’ll be building more themes, adding live collaboration tools, and brainstorming designs for a new features we’re referring to as “Project Magic.” Stay tuned…

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Capture Information with Populr

Micro-publishing isn’t just about distributing content; you can also use it to collect feedback. Deliver surveys, capture emails, and receive files in a more professional way. Populr allows you to capture all sorts of feedback from your audience with a personalized one-pager.

Capture Emails. Use Populr as a squeeze page or splash page for the purpose of capturing emails. Refer to this POP for tips on capturing emails using Mailchimp, Googleforms, and Jotform.

Leverage the flexibility of Google Forms. Use it to deliver a survey, plan your events, and collect other types of information (learn more about the edit options). From here all you need to do is copy the embed code and paste into Populr ‘embed’ item. I know, pretty darn easy :).

Receiving files in a web page has never been easier. Allow your audience to upload directly to your Dropbox. Way more professional than receiving files in an email.  Learn more in this POP.


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Track Opens and Interactions in a POP with Micro-Analytics

Creating a strong message can take a tremendous amount of time. While conveying the message to a client, sales prospect, or other valuable recipient  the ability to see the results of its delivery can be extremely valuable as one continues to craft and improve for its future use.

Populr allows you quickly create that powerful message in a single Published One-Page (POP) micro-site that is both simple & elegant. In addition we offer a powerful feature – Micro Level Insights – that will let you in on the IF [it was viewed], WHEN [it was viewed], and WHAT [was clicked on] of your POP. We call them Tracers 🙂

Track views & clicks by creating a tracer. 

  • Create a tracer by labeling your POP URL within the publish page in Populr. The label could be the name of a client, sales prospect, possible employer, or any other recipient.
  • Create as many tracers as you like! This unique URL will track your POP from its first open to the many detailed interactions that may have occurred within the POP.

Get notified via email when your POP is opened. 

  • No need to go anywhere to see if your POP has been viewed.  We will notify you via email when this occurs! In the email you will be informed of how many times the POP was viewed & who viewed it.
  • We will also provide you with links to view the POP, edit the POP, and to a page within your Populr account detailing the interactions that may have occurred.

Understand your audience by following their interactions. 

  • The interactions page allows a user understand the detailed events that took place within the POP. How long the POP was viewed, what links were clicked on, and in what order these interactions took place. Pretty Awesome 🙂

Creating a high-impact message follows a continuous process of creation, testing, and adjustments. Populr speeds up this process tremendously, allowing a user to craft that message to perfection in no time 🙂

Watch the video to see the Tracer in action!


Sign up for our private beta at to get poppin’. 

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The Art of Welcome Emails

The Art of Welcome Emails

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