Top 5 Tools for Closing a Sale.

There’s only one way to get money in the bank. Once we’ve employed our TOP 5 TOOLS FOR INTELLIGENT PITCHING, it’s time to close.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


Though it takes some upfront effort, TinderBox makes any average salesman a proposal master. Templates, sections, and tracking wizardry. The cadillac of proposal delivery. (more…)

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The Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Sales Prospecting.

Prospecting is hard. No one’s going to argue with that.


it doesn’t have to be THAT hard.

If you’re in sales and don’t currently use these five tools, you may want to reconsider.


Use Rapportive to connect with everyone you email on LinkedIn. It’s the quickest way to not only build your Linkedin network, but to begin a social relationship with potential clients. (more…)

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Partner Post: The “Next Big Thing” for Online Communication

By Zachary Hamilton, JAZ Marketing

Thanks to Populr, micro-publishing is easier than ever! My company, JAZ Marketing LLC, was fortunate enough to become one of the companies experimenting with this platform for creating beautiful, clean, and effective webpages (published-one-pagers or POPs) before it launched.

We’ve been introducing this “Next Big Thing” for online communication to our clients. The response has been tremendous and results impressive. Businesses are transforming the way they generate leads and communicate with employees and clients/customers. Micro-publishing is perfect for entrepreneurs, salespeople, musicians, professors, and plenty of other people who create online content, services, and products.

Our clients are using POPs to communicate both internally with employees and externally with clients, customers, and other stakeholders. We recently helped a client transition from sending a monthly newsletter via snail mail to an online format that is all together more informative and compelling. We assisted another client, a nonprofit startup, create a simple landing page to begin creating awareness about their important cause. This platform allows anyone to create a landing page that is so user-friendly on the back-end a “grease monkey” can manage and update it. Our clients are most pleased with the super simple analytics, recyclable themes and styles, and custom tracer links this publishing platform offers.

We’re even creating POPs for ourselves. We recently published a lead generating sideways sales letter to share with future coaching clients.

I want to encourage you to take advantage of this slam dunk opportunity to outthink, out-market, and out sell your competition. If you’re not the competitive type, know you can creative visually aesthetic and user-friendly webpages to present to your friends and followers.

Trust me, having the ability to create a webpage, filled with whatever content you can imagine, and link a custom domain to it anytime, anywhere is like having a super power. Give it a try and see what I mean.

My company operates around the globe with offices in the United States in SD and TN. Drop me a line at zach (at) jazmarketingllc (dot) com, if you have questions or are interested in employing our services. You can also contact us via Twitter @zhamilton or @jazmarketingllc.




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Populr Spotlight: The Americana Music Association

By: Justin Chesney

Great ideas deserve recognition, and that’s why we want to spotlight how the Americana Music Association (AMA) is using Populr.

To apply for showcase consideration at this year’s Americana Music Festival & Conference, AMA is requiring artists to build “profile” POPs with Populr, then submit applications via a POP integrated with Topspin and Jotform. We invite you to take a moment to learn how AMA used Populr to streamline their application submission process.


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Spring into Populr version 1.2!

By: Justin Chesney

We’re excited to announce that after weeks of dedicated work, an even better and more POPtastic version of Populr is now available! Thank you all for the great feedback you provided to us since v1.1 was released; it was a great help in making Populr more enjoyable and useful for everyone. Here are the updates you can expect to see when you log in to create your next POP.

New analytics design shows better breakdowns


The way that analytics are now displayed for POPs will be like how you see it above. With this design you can now see an all-inclusive breakdown of views and clicks across all of your sharing channels over the lifetime of a POP.

Total visits to your POP and total clicks on the assets in your POP are displayed at the top. Direct visits to your POP show you the general traffic you’re getting without the use of tracers; Custom and Social visits come through your tracers. (Not sure what tracers are? Learn how tracers can improve your messages.)

New POP index sorts your shared POPs


The POP index has now been redesigned to clean up your long lists of POPs. You’ll get a snapshow of each POP’s critical information, such as a thumbnail of the POP, when it was created, if it’s “Live” (i.e. published) or “Not Live”, its views and clicks, and any labels applied to the POP. If the POP was shared within a group account, or if you edited someone’s POP through a collaboration link, you’ll also see who created the POP and who else it’s been shared with.

Even more mobile optimization

POP on the go via your iOS or Android device and share your message with your friends on mobile devices. Your POP list will now look great from your smartphone or tablet. Also, recipients of your published POPs will see a mobile-optimized version of your POP, no matter what device you used to send it to them.

Easier collaboration: publish your teammates’ POPs

As if the team features of Populr weren’t already awesome enough, now anyone can send a POP that has been shared within a team. This will be especially useful when you’re working remotely with your team and want to share that perfect POP created by one of your colleagues.

Now go get POPing and keep the great feedback coming :-).

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What is

Wondering “what” is?
Wondering “how” you’ll use it?
Wondering “why” you should use it?
Relax – You’re not alone.

We live in a time when we have to begin making decisions as to where we communicate online, and also how we wish to do it. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger,, and about one thousand other online platforms, we have choices. Too many choices, really.

So, why choose to use

Is it a BLOG? (No)
Blogs are great for rolling streams of information. In fact there’s no better way to keep constantly changing information organized. And, since a well-managed blog requires new content added to it daily, there’s no better place to lock-down lots of information in a topic or theme.

However: They require a lot of work to maintain, they often mix so many ideas that they aren’t targeted, and they aren’t ideal for communicating a single message over and over again. Populr lets you build POPs that don’t require upkeep, are highly targeted to the viewer, and let you create & share a single message over and over.

Is it a WEBSITE? (No)
Websites are great for publishing static content that matches your brand & beautifully articulates your message.

However: You spend enormous amounts of effort to get the design, content, and functionality just perfect… and then you barely touch it for three years. Its complex, cumbersome, and very risky if you break it. Populr empowers the non-designers & non-technical people to create POPs that match your brand, yet are easy for them to create with things like drag & drop and editing directly on the POP. Moreover, the POPs aren’t attached to your main website – giving you the freedom to create as many as needed to accomplish your business goals without the risk of polluting your website.

Is it a SOCIAL NETWORK? (Yes & No)
Yes – Social networks are great for spreading the message. If you have any following at all, then a Facebook post, Twitter tweet or similar is a great place to share information and direct traffic.

No – However, most people can only share text, links, and the occasional photo. The underlying content is often out of their control, thus most of us simply share other ‘pre-existing’ web pages. To control our own content, we often need a designer & developer to help us. Populr is the easiest & fastest way to create a high-impact message that is targeted to your audience. You can make a beautiful POP that showcases your message through text, maps, videos, photos, backgrounds, images, forms, video, and even embeds from other services.

Most of us are trapped between the rigid, complex nature of our website and the noisy, time-consuming blog. Populr gives you the freedom to communicate when you need to with the comfort of knowing it will look professional & be easy to share. As a bonus, our Pro users can actually track opens down to the individual & even “lock” their POP for security. Verifying who sees it & protecting your info – without any technical help. Let’s see your blog / website / social network do that 🙂

If you’re in sales, marketing, or corporate communications – get excited. We’ll make you look like a POPstar.

Incoming search terms:

  • what is populR

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Populr gets classy with a new free theme

Populr’s making waves nationwide—did you see our write-up in VenutureBeat yet? Take a look:

VentureBeat: Populr’s POPs want to help improve your weak communications arsenal

New theme: Dakota

We just added a fantastic new theme to our free theme library. Dakota is an elegant theme with the look of card-stock paper. If you want to deliver your message with class, style, and a bit of panache, take this theme for a spin today. Try it out with an event invitation or a professional services landing page.


New theme design materials

Interested in making a Populr theme of your own? Know someone with and killer design skills and HTML/CSS chops? We’re on the lookout for talented designer/developers to build our themes. To learn more about Populr theme design, take a look at this 6-minute video about how themes work. Contact John if you want to learn more.

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Take your poppin’ to a whole new level with tips & tricks

Populr allows users create rich one-pagers in minutes that will really impress your selected audience. Simply add your content, choose a layout, and publish! It’s that easy 🙂

To keep you on the road to POP mastery, offers tips & tricks to take your poppin’ to the next level. Learn to enhance your backgrounds, create awesome recordings, choose the right embeds, and much more! You will become a POP ninja in no time 🙂

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Accelerate your training with Populr allows users create simple one-page sites perfect for communicating training and onboarding materials to new employees.

A few tips to consider when creating POPs focused on the employee.

  • Welcome your new hires with a personalized video recording.
  • For instant viewing and downloading, attach your training and new-hire documents using the ‘Files’ item in the editor.
  • Display the documents right on the page by uploading them to scribd. To embed in a pop, follow the guided steps in this article.
  • Showcase a presentation on the page by embedding a googledocs (?), slideshare, or prezi presentation.

Here are some example screenshots that will prove to be good inspiration. Enjoy!

Onboard freelancers


Train Employees

Create a job posting

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