Send Easy to build Newsletters with Populr

The process of setting up a newsletter can be daunting. Deciding on the right template, formatting the message for the best results in specific email clients, web email, and mobile devices, can be a giant barrier to someone who wants to just email regular content to a set of contacts.

Web pages have so many uses and you know creating one using Populr is so simple — we’ve now made it easy to send an email of your Populr page to a group of people.  Let’s look at how that’s done.

Step 1: Create & Publish a Populr Page

If you’ve been using Populr, you’ve probably already got this step covered, so feel free to skip ahead to Step 2.  Need a refresher? Let’s watch the video below:


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Free Unlimited POPs

By: Justin Chesney

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you read that title correctly. If the best things in life are free, imagine how great unlimited free things are! In addition to improving our free plan and the sign-up process, we’ve also added new functionality when sending POPs via email.

Here are the full details about what’s new…

Updated sign-up process

All new users now start with a 14 day free Pro trial so they can experience all the great features that make Populr, well… popular. This means access to POP tracers, private POP sharing, open notifications, and more. (more…)

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A Stronger Start, for a Stronger Finish

By: Justin Chesney

Hey all you POPpers out there, we’re back again with more great, new features and updates to let you know about.  With these changes you’ll have an easier time getting started with new POPs, and you’ll also notice a better experience adding content you want to a POP.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  1. We have a new homepage! It’s never too late for a little Spring cleaning so we decided to do some freshening up of our own. Take a moment and see what some notable users have been saying about us. If you leave us some feedback maybe you’ll be featured next!image
  2. Ever tried to build a POP but found yourself a little lacking in the inspiration department? With our updated Inspiration Panel, you’ll now find better templates that set you up to “Promote, Close, and Deliver.” These templates take the guesswork out of how best to structure your message for the highest impact possible.image
  3. There’s a new video recording system, too. Not only should you expect a better experience recording a video, you can now also upload video files in formats like .mov, .avi. or .mp4. This means you should be able to upload videos that were recorded with your smartphone and saved to your computer.
  4. Our embed system has also been improved. You’ll see the results of these improvements in your published POPs when you use embeds from Linkedin or Twitter. Note that the editor will now use placeholders for certain embeds (like the LinkedIn placeholder below) to allow for a more fluid drag-and-drop experience when building a POP. image

As always, we made these updates with your experience and enjoyment in mind. We encourage you to continue to talk with us about what you like about Populr and what you think could be improved. Leave us a comment here, or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy POPping!

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Partner Post: The “Next Big Thing” for Online Communication

By Zachary Hamilton, JAZ Marketing

Thanks to Populr, micro-publishing is easier than ever! My company, JAZ Marketing LLC, was fortunate enough to become one of the companies experimenting with this platform for creating beautiful, clean, and effective webpages (published-one-pagers or POPs) before it launched.

We’ve been introducing this “Next Big Thing” for online communication to our clients. The response has been tremendous and results impressive. Businesses are transforming the way they generate leads and communicate with employees and clients/customers. Micro-publishing is perfect for entrepreneurs, salespeople, musicians, professors, and plenty of other people who create online content, services, and products.

Our clients are using POPs to communicate both internally with employees and externally with clients, customers, and other stakeholders. We recently helped a client transition from sending a monthly newsletter via snail mail to an online format that is all together more informative and compelling. We assisted another client, a nonprofit startup, create a simple landing page to begin creating awareness about their important cause. This platform allows anyone to create a landing page that is so user-friendly on the back-end a “grease monkey” can manage and update it. Our clients are most pleased with the super simple analytics, recyclable themes and styles, and custom tracer links this publishing platform offers.

We’re even creating POPs for ourselves. We recently published a lead generating sideways sales letter to share with future coaching clients.

I want to encourage you to take advantage of this slam dunk opportunity to outthink, out-market, and out sell your competition. If you’re not the competitive type, know you can creative visually aesthetic and user-friendly webpages to present to your friends and followers.

Trust me, having the ability to create a webpage, filled with whatever content you can imagine, and link a custom domain to it anytime, anywhere is like having a super power. Give it a try and see what I mean.

My company operates around the globe with offices in the United States in SD and TN. Drop me a line at zach (at) jazmarketingllc (dot) com, if you have questions or are interested in employing our services. You can also contact us via Twitter @zhamilton or @jazmarketingllc.




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Our Intern Uses Populr to Land Highly Competitive Interviews

Our Intern Uses Populr to Land Highly Competitive Interviews

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Powerful “Ah-ha!” moment from a Populr fan

From Tim, a new Populr advocate:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about Populr, not only how it can be used for my business, but also other industries. One industry that I think could really benefit from Populr is the employment industry. We live in a digital world, but yet we still send black and white resumes. Imagine a job searcher having the ability to really make their resume “pop.” A job searcher could create a pop for the position that they are applying for, attach their resume, awards, and even a video of why they are a perfect candidate for the position. It would allow people to show their personality/passion for the job, even before an interview. From the opposite side, imagine an employer/headhunter being able to screen candidates from a video/picture of that person before they meet.

You have something that could change the way people communicate forever… seriously. If Populr caught on in the employment industry, LinkedIn & Monster would be beating down your door. I’m not sure if you guys have already thought of this niche, but I think that you could have a major impact. Just thought I would share!”

We’re on the first step of a long journey, but as he said: we believe Populr could change the way people communicate forever…

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What’s Wrong With My Links?

Populr is Your Honesty EngineRecently at, we’ve received some very interesting feedback from a few users who were sending links to their POPs (Published one-pagers) directly from our platform—specifically, using our “Tracer” functionality. Tracers are an incredibly powerful tool for anyone needing feedback when communicating online, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Populr is an “honesty engine”

What Populr is really doing is shedding light on one simple fact: “If the content in your email is not compelling, then people are not going to click your links.”

Tracers give you feedback

Tracers are unique links that measure the ways in which your audience interacts with your POP. You can copy and paste these links into emails you send from your own email client, such as Gmail or Outlook.

Populr also lets you generate Tracer Emails directly from your POP. When you publish your POP, you can create an email with a new Tracer link and send it right from within Populr. Tracer Emails are a fast way for you to add a personalized message to a styled email inviting your audience to view your POP.

Tracers offer valuable and unique feedback. Rather than just telling you that your email was received, Tracers notify you that someone actually visited your POP. Even better, Tracers tell you how long


Example: Using Tracers for better communication

Remember: a Tracer link to a POP is a just shortcut to a destination. Your email content is the invitation. Let’s look at an example of how Populr’s Tracers empower you to communicate better.

Say you craft a beautiful email and send it to 10 people. Later in the day, you’re notified when 3 of your recipients view your POP. You see how long they stayed, and anything they clicked on (all part of Populr’s Tracer analytics). Seven people did not click the link, and have not viewed your POP.


Of the three that did open your POP, you see that they spent their time like this:
Prospect 1: 30 seconds
Prospect 2: 1 min
Prospect 3: 10 Minutes

What does this feedback mean? You can now measure HOW HOT your leads are! If this were me, I’d organize my leads upside, HOT to COLD, into a daily follow-up list.

Hot leads first

I’d start the day on a positive note and call the guy who spent 10 minutes in my POP and close the sale! Woo hoo!

Then I’d move to the other 2 people who opened the POP and answer their questions, find out where I failed to provide enough information, and hopefully close these deals as well.

Warm leads next

But wait – of the 10 emails I sent, only 3 engaged my POP by clicking the link. Why? Is there something wrong with the link? No. Remember, the link is just a shortcut to a destination. The problem must be my invitation. I have to tighten my belt here and improve my content if I want people to continue communicating with me.

What about cold leads?

For those who did not click the links, I would follow-up with something like this:

“Hi Jane, I noticed you didn’t have time to click the link in the email I sent yesterday. I was hoping to follow-up with you, but only after you’ve checked out the information I sent. Any chance we could speak later today after you’ve had time to take a look?”

You’ve just let Jane know that you know she didn’t click the link. If she has any interest at all, she’s probably going to click the link. If not, maybe she’s not really a prospect after all. Move on to your next lead.

Next, we contact Tom, who also failed to click the link. Tom gets the same follow-up email Jane did, letting him know you are fully aware he did not click the link and view your POP. Tom responds, and now you can better communicate and possibly close the sale.

You also have an opportunity here to increase your “click-through” rate by using Tom as a guinea pig. Try a message like this:
“Tom – may I ask why you didn’t click the link in the first email I sent? My income depends on my ability to communicate, so I’d really like some honest feedback.”

Let people like Tom HELP YOU write better conversations, better invitations that engage people, and make them WANT to continue communicating with you.

Consolidate and make communicating easy again

We’re all busy. Many of us send hundreds of emails per day. In any of those emails, are we really focused on communicating, or are we just trying to clean up our inbox? Populr offers you a chance to consolidate and communicate with impact. In many cases, sales prospects are a passing parade. A carefully-crafted POP can be used over and over again to share even the most complex messages. And once it’s built, you’re done! All you have to do is focus on writing compelling invitations and Populr’s “honesty engine” will measure the results. Wouldn’t that be easier than typing the same story over and over again?

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Populr hits the conference circuit

We’ve been making a lot of new friends recently by spreading the word about micro-publishing at local tech and startup conferences.

Populr talks at IA Day

Nashville was one of 15 cities worldwide to host a World IA Day event last weekend. Populr founders Nick Holland and Jared Scheel spoke about how micro-publishing provides a nimble, bottom-up approach to fleshing out your organization’s IA. By making it easy for design teams to collaborate and share POPs, Populr can be a great platform for building IA documents and communicating design ideas.

Populr at the Everywhere Else Conference

Are you at the Everywhere Else conference in Memphis? If not, you’re missing out on a great set of talks by startups from all across the country. Keep an eye out for Nick, and hit us up on Twitter at @PopulrMe if you’d like to connect.

New Team Members

We’ve welcomed several new team members to Populr in recent weeks—the workspace gets a little more crowded every day. Thanks to our new sales team, you’ll be seeing a lot more pops from musicians and music companies very soon. That’s because Populr’s great for organizing press materials, posting music online (thanks to Spotify and other embedding services), and making announcements that will engage your audience. Check out these examples:

Michael Kiwanuka press kit
Promoting a single
Event promotion

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Pops look great on the go—Populr is now mobile optimized

Last week, we released a bunch of awesome updates to Populr. You’ve probably noticed our hot new homepage—check it out, if you haven’t already—but you might not know about the biggest & best new feature.

Published pops are now optimized for mobile devices! This means that your pops will look great whether your audience sees them on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. More people than ever will be able to access and engage with your message—this is what micro-publishing is all about!



Pops are specially styled to look great on mobile devices


As an added bonus, we polished up our email notifications. Now when you email a link to your pop from the Publish screen, that email will look much nicer on mobile devices.

This is just the first of many big features we have planned for this year. It’s going to be fun, and we’re glad to have you with us. Keep on poppin’!

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