Track Opens and Interactions in a POP with Micro-Analytics

Creating a strong message can take a tremendous amount of time. While conveying the message to a client, sales prospect, or other valuable recipient  the ability to see the results of its delivery can be extremely valuable as one continues to craft and improve for its future use.

Populr allows you quickly create that powerful message in a single Published One-Page (POP) micro-site that is both simple & elegant. In addition we offer a powerful feature – Micro Level Insights – that will let you in on the IF [it was viewed], WHEN [it was viewed], and WHAT [was clicked on] of your POP. We call them Tracers 🙂

Track views & clicks by creating a tracer. 

  • Create a tracer by labeling your POP URL within the publish page in Populr. The label could be the name of a client, sales prospect, possible employer, or any other recipient.
  • Create as many tracers as you like! This unique URL will track your POP from its first open to the many detailed interactions that may have occurred within the POP.

Get notified via email when your POP is opened. 

  • No need to go anywhere to see if your POP has been viewed.  We will notify you via email when this occurs! In the email you will be informed of how many times the POP was viewed & who viewed it.
  • We will also provide you with links to view the POP, edit the POP, and to a page within your Populr account detailing the interactions that may have occurred.

Understand your audience by following their interactions. 

  • The interactions page allows a user understand the detailed events that took place within the POP. How long the POP was viewed, what links were clicked on, and in what order these interactions took place. Pretty Awesome 🙂

Creating a high-impact message follows a continuous process of creation, testing, and adjustments. Populr speeds up this process tremendously, allowing a user to craft that message to perfection in no time 🙂

Watch the video to see the Tracer in action!


Sign up for our private beta at to get poppin’. 

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